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Dt. Surabhi Jain

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An experienced nutritionist who works passionately for your health. I beleive in NATURAL and EASY DIETS. Lets start your journey towards health with my NATURO NUTRITION THERAPY. "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT" Nutrition is the most amazing science.

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How It Works

How It Works

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Programs tailored to meet your every nutrition need.

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Post Pregnancy Nutrition Consultancy

Have you just delivered baby, and not sure about your diet and your baby’s development? This diet plan is for you.

Pregnancy Nutrition Counseling

Are you pregnant, and not sure about your diet and your baby’s development? This diet plan is for you.

Stress Integrative Nutrition Therapy

Food reflect's your behavior. If you are stressed and want to live a healthy and stress free life, we have this diet plan for your worries.

Group Consultation

Meet new, like-minded people to hit your goals together. Connect from anywhere in the world and start achieving your health goals

If they can, so can you

Creating diet plans that lead to lifestyle changing experiences


Country : India

Weight Loss: 13 Kgs in 4 Months

“Best weight loss diet: Best place to reduce weight & gain confidence in natural way, NO dark circles & adverse effect on face & body. I can say that "Surabhi Jain is the best." I reduced 13 kg. with all her splendid diets. Thanks a lot to make me feel beautiful & healthy again after delivery. I never thought that I could shed my post delivery weight so easily. But Nutrowell made it possible. Diet plan suggested by Dr Surabhi is definitely the best weight loss diet plan. I am really happy that I chose Nutriwell India. The entire team is wonderful and extremely dedicated to their clients. I will definitely suggest their name to everyone. Thanks Dr Surabhi and team once again.”


Country : India

Weight Loss: 12 Kgs in 3 Months

“I joined Nutriwell india after recommendation of my friend for weight loss. After meeting Dr Surabhi Jain I was totally satisfied that I am in safe hands. They guided me regarding the best weight loss diet and how can i maintain my weight properly. I am totally happy and satisfied with the services.”